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      Saddle Pads

      Gentle cycle, cold water using a product like Mattes MELP® a front loader is preferable. Machine washing in a top loader is NOT recommended because top loader agitators can be too aggressive and damage the product.

      Washing bags can used for pads to protect them and your machine from unwanted hair and residue. 

      In the everyday instance it is ok to hose down the outside of the saddle pad and brush the sheepskin section once dry. Dry out of direct sunlight. 

      The official Mattes care instructions can be found here


      It is recommended to hand wash boots with rhinestones or glitter detail to avoid damage from washing machine agitators.

      Hose regularly after use to remove mud or sand residue.

      Patent fabrics only require a quick brush using soapy water. Dry in the shade.

      If using a washing machine (again, ideally recommend a front loader) Place boots in a washing bag, on cool and the gentlest of cycles.  Ensure all the velcro is done up on itself.